Friday, October 5, 2012

Emotional Wellness

The Emotional Dimension is part of the greater continuum of wellness. Building emotional wellness is a commitment to listening and becoming fully aware of your feelings in regards to your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental and financial well-being. It involves intently observing your actions and reactions and asking yourself why you behave and feel the way you do at any given time.

Building emotional wellness is an intense ongoing process of change and growth. It demands alertness and a keen awareness to your thoughts and feelings. It requires taking responsibility for your own behavior and doing your best to be proactive instead of reactive to the feelings that move through you at any given moment.  Emotions are an integral part of being human. They impact how we think and behave. Emotional wellness involves choosing healthy ways to express the rich range of emotions that make us human.

Through this intense process you will:

  • Learn to cope with stress effectively
  • Gain an increased awareness of your emotions
  • Learn to recognize conflict as being potentially healthy
  • Learn to manage your feelings effectively
  • Learn to express yourself freely
  • Gain a realistic assessment of personal limitations
  • Learn the value of interpersonal support and assistance
  • Form interdependent satisfying relationships based upon mutual commitment, trust and respect
  • Become aware and accepting of a wide range of thoughts and feeling in yourself and others
  • Learn to be self-aware and self-accepting while remaining flexible and open to personal development
  • Learn to make personal choices or decisions based upon the integration of feelings, cognition and behavior
  • Learn to maintain a generally positive approach to life that is rooted in one’s sense of personal responsibility
  • Gain the ability to manage life in a personally fulfilling manner
  • Feel positive and enthusiastic about yourself and life
  • Develop autonomy
  • Become optimistic
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Smile and laugh more often

Through this broad dimension on your journey to wellness, you will come to find that taking responsibility for your actions and managing your feelings and your life in personally rewarding ways will help you to see life as an exciting, optimum adventure.

How do you manage your emotions?


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